Pricing varies based on the project. Every project is different due to the complexity of the design, time frame, rush time, revisions, and more.



Full balance is due before the start of the project.




After limited revisions have been applied, there will be a fee for additional changes.



Logo designs and other creations are totally customized based on the clients’ requests. After a project is complete, a signed copyright transfer agreement is sent to the client. By signing the Copyright Transfer Form, I release all rights and ownership for that project.

The Copyright Transfer Form does not allow you to: utilize, change, copy, or borrow, any of the previous and unused: concepts, logos, or other ideas presented during the process of the project. Unless otherwise agreed and arranged, I reserve the right to showcase the finished logo and associated designs in my portfolio.

Note, that Copyright and Trademark are not the same. The form does not protect or give ownership for trademarking. For applying and registering for a trademark, visit www.uspto.gov. The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) allows visitors to submit applications for any work that needs to be protected. 



For any physical products ordered (business cards, flyers, T-Shirts, etc.), a shipping fee will be applied.